Monday, April 27, 2009

Domain Name Registration: How Hard Can That Be?

Apparently, the “in” thing is to have a website, not just a blog, but an actual website. Do I have one? No, not yet. It’s not that I don’t want to have a website. I do. I might even be able to come up with something to put on this website. However, I’m a little tech-challenged and have run into a few bumps that have scared me into procrastination.

Since I’m not yet published, I don’t feel I have to rush out and put up a website. After all, I do have a blog. However, I thought it might be a good idea to reserve the name I’d like by registering it as a domain name and worry about finding a web host later. Yeah, like that’s so easy. It’s not just a matter of paying the registration fee and waiting a year to renew it. There’s so much more involved. Certain places register the name under their own and then “lend” it to you. The problem with that is if you decide you don’t want to go with that company as a host for your website, they may not allow you to transfer that name. Nice, eh?

I’ve also read that you should get a post office box and a fake phone number because some web hosts give out that info and you become bombarded with spam and telemarketing calls.

So, I’m reaching out to you. What can you tell me about registering a domain name and web hosting? Did you design your own site? What program did you use? If you hired someone, who is it and are you happy with them? Is there anything you can think of that I should know before I register my domain name?


  1. I registered my real name as a domain name after attending a writers' conference last fall. I shall renew it until I decide to contact an agent, later this year. I recommend going to writers' conferences and there you'll meet new authors and web design people. You can also go to some author's websites and if you like their website, ask them who designed it for them. They'll be happy to share, if it isn't already marked on their website.

  2. I have no idea, but when you find out will you pass the info on to me?

  3. I had Lemon Cherry Designs design my blog for me... and she mentioned something about domain hosting on her website. There's a link on my blog...but I don't have my own domain.

    Anyway-- Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. Stop by anytime!

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  5. These are all questions I've been having since my author website poll and post last week! I'm so glad you've asked. I'll be checking back for bits of wisdom, because I don't know how to start, either.

  6. Several author friends have websites, others have blogs, and still others have both. For the life of me, I cannot see why you'd need anything but a blog. What is it you can do on a website you can't do from your blog? I'd love to know...then my mind can rest. :)

  7. I have no clue.

    I'm still learning how to blog. HTML still confuses me.

    I wouldn't mind my own website but I wouldn't even know where to begin.

  8. Lynnette, firtsly how do you find time to write at all with TWINS!??!! :):)

    Secondly,I had this dilemma a few years ago. From a cost point of view, as an unpubbed author I didn't think a full website was warranted until I'm published.

    But, there's a Canadian music group called Ann Victor, so I was concerned that the would be taken by the time I was published. So, I registered the domain in my name. I went through my service provider, and I pay them a bi-annual fee to hold that registration. It costs me about ZAR500 for two years (in US dollar terms that would be around $50) but I consider it money well spent for the peace of mind that as soon as I'm published, I can just get the website up and running, but I will use a professional to set up and maintain the webpage.

    I haven't experienced any upsurge in spam or anything and the ISP has all my address details.

    My blog I run and maintain myself. The only problem there is TIME!! (It's addictive and a time thief!)

  9. Lynette,

    I'm posting a series of tips on things to think about before you start a website next week on my blog. (Since there are lots of questions on this topic, I'm listing my blog address here for others interested in reading it:

    I just dealt with transferring a webhosting service using a domain name registered with a different company. It's actually quite simple. You simply redirect the server address. You'll still have to keep your domain through the original company you purchased it with.

    I think having a website can be very beneficial for a pre-published writer. I started mine out with the basics: home page, biography page, and a contact form. I've since added a links page. This month I'm adding an articles page and a proposals page.

    The main reason to have a website is because you will be expected to have one when you're published. I'd rather deal with the stress now than when I'm trying to figure out contracts, edits, etc... Also, it's a tool where an editor/agent can check out your work and you. A blog can do that too, but a website organizes the information better.

    Thanks for letting me spout off on one of my fave topics!

  10. This is definitely something to think about... and something I know nothing about. Hopefully you'll keep us clued in on your process (and I'll check out some of your other commenters!).

    Also.... Twins!? Where does your spare writing time possibly come from!?

  11. A lot of people use

    It's simple to register. After you visit the site, let me know if you need help.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I have no idea about any of this either! I'm prepublished so I don't feel the need for a website yet, but hope to have books and a website someday!

  13. Hi, Lynette, I have Homestead and so far it's going good, was easy and no phone calls etc.... and I can call 24/7 for assistance on the phone and they will talk me through any problems as I'm so techny challenged.

  14. Hi Lynnette,
    I have two websites -- one for my company (I'm an architect) and one brand new one for my book that's coming out next year. I reserved the domain name for my company through Google and it worked just fine--no spam, no junkmail, no issues with hosting. It costs $10 a year. I also found a friend who was just starting a web design business and she built the site for me for less than $500. Other quotes I received were closer to $1,000.

    My book website was reserved and paid for by my publisher. I don't know who it's with or what it cost. A different friend of mine just started a web design company called Glee Media. She designed my site and I am incredibly happy with it. I highly recommend her -- she used to be a newspaper editor so she has a good eye for graphics --and typos. There is a link to the website on my blog, if anyone wants to check it out, and I'm happy to give her contact info if anyone emails me.

    I think blogs are great, and offer a lot of what a website would, at a fraction of the cost and hassle. I never even considered a website until I had a book deal. But for writers with books out, an interactive website that kids can explore is something a blog just can't provide.

  15. Lynnette, nice name, btw. I registered my domain name with Go Daddy. It was very easy to do and about the same price as the others. I have the option of setting my site up with a different host, if I choose. My critique partner used Go Daddy for her site and said they walked her through it, easily. The templates are easy to use, etc. My son is going to put mine up because he majored in all things computer, so I'm going to let him do it. This is her address if you want to have a I'd suggest buying your domain name so it doesn't get taken, then you know when you're ready to build a site that you have the name you wanted.

    Good luck. :)

  16. If you haven't sold, I don't think it's really necess. to have a website. After all a blog IS technically a website. But it is a good idea to buy and save your domain name so when you do sell, you'll have it to start your website. :)

  17. Thanks so much for all your advice.

    Ann: I don't have a lot of time to write because of the twins, so it's taking me forever to rewrite my manuscript. Oh, well. It'll come.

    Jill: I'll follow your series. Looking forward to it.

    Robyn: Thanks. It's often misspelled (with one n) and I have to blame my dad for that. He said: "The name is Lynn + ette, so it should be spelled that way." I used to hate it as a kid because I didn't know any other Lynnette's. I've met a few since I moved to the US. Must've been a popular American name. As for my last name (Labelle), I have to love that. It means "the pretty" in French. ;)

    Thanks again for everyone's input. I'll write another post on this subject once I have it figured out.

    Lynnette Labelle

  18. Hey, You posted a question on my blog about how to get a website running. My website is just the professional aspect of my photography business otherwise I wouldn't have one cuz ya know that whole blog thing. :P But my site is for my clients.
    I used so I could easily update my own website then use filezilla to upload the content. As for the domain, that is hosted under my father in laws website and he set that up so I have no idea. Once you get that domain though it's pretty easy. Hit up my blog if you have questions.

  19. There's a lot of information in this AW discussion thread.

    And in the research I've done, almost everybody says to be wary of godaddy.

  20. Lynnette, I don't know why the link isn't working for you. It's working fine for me. But here it is for copying and pasting purposes:

    Hope that works for you. :o)

  21. I launched my website about six to nine months before my book came out, which was plenty of time.

    Currently, I have a couple of domain names that are linked together. One is the title of my book ( and one is my name (

    Unless you are very handy with HTML, I strongly suggest you find someone to do the coding for you. Go to friends' websites and ask them who did their sites, how much they charged, and if they had any problems.

    Make sure you know what you want in your site. For example, do you want a Resources & Events page? If so, you will probably need to have your website developer update your Resources & Events page on a monthly basis. Get quotes (in writing) for what they will charge to do this for you.

    The important thing to remember in all of this is that a website is supposed to make your life easier by providing you with another marketing venue to share who you are. Too many people become slaves to their websites or blogs and forget what they are really trying to accomplish.

    So before you run out and hire a techie to design your ultimate website, sit down and do some good, old-fashioned soul searching and ask yourself:
    (a) What are my goals?
    (b) Who is my audience?
    (c) Where is my audience? (Are they even on the web?)
    (d) How can I best reach my audience? (Do they even look at websites or just read the blogs?)

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