Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Me: The Hold Up Part 1

If I wrote an accurate account of what happened when I was held up at knife point, and I was the heroine of the story, I’d be considered TSTL (too stupid to live). Cops will tell you if ever someone’s threatening your life in an attempt to rob you, hand over the goods. I didn’t do that. But I’m lucky to have survived.

Years ago, I managed a florist shop owned by my parents. My mom replaced me on my days off and she was working when these two punks entered the store. It was winter, so she didn’t think too much of their scarves or hats that covered most of their faces. One of the guys had an empty paper cup in his hand. He approached her at the till saying he had a knife in his pocket and would use it if she didn’t fill his cup with the money. She complied and the guys took off.

I suppose the punks felt this was an easy target and came back when I was working. The problem began with my ignorance. I was living in the good old “it can’t happen to me” life. Well, those rose colored glasses were soon smashed.

The guys came in early in the day, but I was very busy with customers. Must’ve been too many witnesses for our young criminals because they left only to return a few hours later. For whatever reason, they didn’t cover their faces, so I had no reason to think they were anything except a couple of teenaged boys wanting to buy flowers.

Our store was set up with a walk-in cooler. Being the great salesperson that I am, I didn’t give them a chance to threaten me near the cash register as they did with my mom. Instead, I lured them into my lair and tried to upsell them from my $9.99 roses to the $14.99 bouquet of roses, baby’s breath, and greens.

The guys looked nervous. Should’ve been a sign, I know, but I still thought it was all about the purchase. Then, the blond mumbled something. I politely asked him to repeat himself. Big mistake.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2.


  1. Wow, I totally need to know the rest of the story right now! I'll be back, though.

  2. I want to know what happens!

  3. Wow, Lynnette! First, I'm so glad you're okay. And I can't wait to read the next bit, either.

  4. This sounds like a scene from a movie! I can't believe this happened to you in real life!

  5. Making us wait is a cruel and unusual punishment. :'( I'm glad you're safe though!

  6. Glad you're okay. I'll be back tomorrow to see what happened.

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  8. First, glad you're okay. Now, hurry and post the rest. :-)

  9. Oh, that's a terrible place to pause!!!!