Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Muse Workshop List

Since some of you were able to get to The Muse Online Writers Conference, I thought I’d list the workshops I followed just to give you an idea what was offered. Keep in mind there were many more to choose from.


-Bipolars Don’t Twitch: Mental Illness Workshop
-Website Makeover
-Using Social Media to Attract Readers
-Before Copy Editing
-Don’t Kill Your Editor
-Writing with Impact
-How to Promote When You Don’t Know How
-Adding Suspense
-Blogging Your Way to Greater Recogition and More Sales
-Pick Your Poison
-Schizophrenic Doesn’t Mean Multiple Personality
-How to Write Powerful Sentences
-Pre-publisher Book Marketing
-Non-Verbal Communication-How to Be Aware of and Use It
-Write as Tight as Granny’s New Girdle
-Writing Love Scenes That Sizzle
-Infusing the Romance Novel With Emotional and Sexual Tension
-How to Write Your Bio, Headshot, and More
-On Being a Professional Amateur

There were many chats as well, but I felt the workshops were of more value. You may not have been able to get an answer immediately with the workshops, but at least you were able to ask your question. In the chats, there often wasn’t enough time for everyone to pose a question. After waiting for 50 minutes to ask something and then not getting a chance could’ve frustrated some writers. I didn’t have questions when I was in a chat, but I didn’t go to many of them. I was simply too busy. Besides, there are transcripts for all the chats that I’ll grab this week.

See any workshops that might’ve interested you? Maybe I’ll give you an overview. Please note, some workshops offered more material than other, so I may not have much to share on the subject.


  1. Wow, what a list! Though many of the workshop titles intrigue me, I can't help but wonder what the first one on the list was about! (Mental Illness). I'd love to read an overview of that one. FYI: my husband works in a Mental Health agency, so I'm interested in the connection here to writers. Thanks!

  2. Hey, nice summary. I've found you through the Muse links.

  3. Wow ... you must have a ton of great information ... that was a lot of workshops!

  4. Write as tight as Granny's new Girdle.

    I would love to hear more about that.

    Sounds like you walked away with some gems.

  5. Dee: I'm working on your request right now for today's post.

    Terry Lynn: Nice "meeting" you.

    Kelly: Too much info, actually. I still haven't finished copying and pasting all of it. Some day, I'll have to read it, too. LOL

    Tamika: I'll talk about that workshop next.

    Lynnette Labelle