Monday, November 1, 2010

Helping Out a Friend

Here’s a post taken directly from Katrina Latham’s blog (with her permission). Her husband is growing a mustache to raise money to support prostate cancer research. Plus, Kat’s sponsoring a contest where you could win $25 toward some new books. Check out the details here:

Go ahead, make my Movember

I can’t stand moustaches. They rarely look nice. They’re abrasive when you’re kissing. And they sometimes carry the remnants of the bearer’s lunch.

But even more than I hate moustaches, I hate the thought of any disease that could hurt my husband and possibly take him away from me.

So in the month of November, as my husband grows a moustache to raise money for prostate cancer research and education, I’ll do everything I can to support him. Even if it means kissing his hairy face.

Other than trying not to cringe when his rough upper lip rubs against mine, I’m supporting him by having a giveaway on the blog. If you donate to Tim’s fundraising efforts and leave a comment on this post to let me know about it, you’ll have a chance to win a free book.

I’ll choose one donor at the beginning of December, and I’ll buy you the book(s) of your choice up to £15 / $25 U.S. (not including shipping).

Here’s how it works:
1. Make a donation and leave a comment on Tim’s MoSpace page by December 1.

2. Then leave a comment on this post using the same name you used on Tim’s MoSpace page so I can verify that you’ve made a donation. You don’t need to say how much you donated, just that you have donated.

3. On December 1, I’ll choose from the comments on this post, and I’ll email that person to ask them what book(s) they’d like. I’ll pay up to £15 / $25 U.S., so if you want two books that are £7.50 each, that’s absolutely fine.

4. The book has to be something I can buy online and have shipped to you using a website like Amazon or Book Depository.

Please note, since we’re in the UK the donations are calculated in pounds, not dollars. So you may want to check a currency conversion website (like so you don’t accidentally pay more than you intended to.

Whether you do it for a man you love, or to bring a big smile to my chafed cheeks, all donations will be very much appreciated.

Find out more about Movember (a name which really only works if you use the British spelling of moustache instead of the American mustache)

Donations go to The Prostate Cancer Charity, the UK’s leading prostate cancer charity which conducts research and supports men and their families.

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