Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun Friday - Early

Here's your puzzle for the week. My time was 3:13. What was yours?

What are you doing for Easter? We're going to have pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. I can't wait. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your puzzle reminds me of the coloring contest my local grocery store always had before Easter when we were kids. The winner of the drawing contest got this ginormous Easter basket filled with chocolate, toys, and goodies. I never won but, boy, I tried to win that dang basket for years. :-) Happy Easter!

  2. Easter brings a family visit. My mother is coming down from Missouri to celebrate. Looking forward to dying eggs with the kids and getting them pumped up on sugar. I also have a fond love for confetti eggs, though they tend to make a huge mess.

    Hope I can still get some.

  3. 3:21. Doing an pre-Easter gathering at my dad's place on Saturday with most of the family then a smaller one at our house on Easter. Plus my eldest grandson and I do the sunrise service on the hill behind our church. Very early but always beautiful.

  4. Came back to try again, (Addictive little suckers.) 2:58.