Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Friday

Here's a sign you don't want to see... My time was 3:27. What was yours?

What are you doing this weekend? The whole family is sick, so we're going to take it easy over here. Have a good one!


  1. The Ninja Captain is back - 2:32! And we are taking a short vacation this weekend. Sorry your family is sick!

  2. I got 3:08. Whoa, Alex BLAZED thru that one! Woo. Bummer your family is sick, sorry to hear that. Have a fast recovery! I'm working on my revisions, like I have been for the past 5 weeks. :)

  3. 2:04! Woo woo.

    Hope the family is better soon.

    Argh! Blogger is acting up again and says I'm not me. I am so me. (Linda Leszczuk)

  4. Linda beat Alex! Wow! Tell me your secret. ;) Blogger doesn't know me either and it's my blog. Grrr...

    Carol: Great time. Hope your revisions are going well.

    Alex: Nice to see you back. Hope your vacation was nice. We got a heck of a lot of rain this weekend. Bleh.

    Lynnette Labelle

  5. Hope everyone feels better soon:)