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Critique Partner #1: Tricia Quinnies

In case you didn’t get the memo, I’m matchmaking critique groups. Go here for the original post. You can either come to my blog and read questionnaires filled out by potential critique partners to see if you find one you like. Or you can fill out a questionnaire yourself and send it to me. I might post it on my blog or I might do the work in the background and set you up with someone who might be a good fit for you.


Note: The questionnaires will be posted as they were given to me. I am not editing them, so any spelling or grammar mistake is theirs, not mine. Even if the writer has given me permission to use his/her name, I’ll refer to that person as Critique Partner # (whatever number he/she is assigned.) This does not mean anyone has been paired up yet. I simply needed a system to identify everyone.

Critique Partner #1 hasn’t told me not to post her information, so you can contact her directly if you wish or you can go through me.

Here’s a little bit about Critique Partner #1:

Critique Group Questionnaire
About You: Tricia Quinnies

1. In a paragraph, tell us a bit about yourself. (Married? Kids? Pets? Job? Anything you’d like to share, but don’t talk about writing here. Those types of questions will follow.)
A: I live in a house of fun and chaos. I am the mother of three boys(10 years old to 16) and married to a great guy for 19 years. My mini long-haired doxie, also a boy, keeps me company during the day while I write and try not to fold laundry. And now that all three sons are learning to cook for themselves I’ve had time to road trip to St. Paul, MN to see my favorite band the Foo Fighters. And I’m trying to achieve more than the lotus position in my yoga pants.

2. What made you decide to start writing?
A: Love reading, letters and words. Judith McNaught. Journalism Major and Retail Book Buyer.

3. How long have you been writing at a serious level?
A: Three years

4. How many completed manuscripts do you have under your belt?
A: One WIP

5. What’s the genre of the story you’d like to have critiqued?
A: Contemporary Romance and Women’s Fiction w/Romantic Elements

6. What genre(s) do you normally write?
A: Same as above and would like to someday write historical romance or if ever brave enough—
British mystery

7. What genre(s) do you like to read for pleasure? Name some authors you’ve read (and enjoyed) recently.
A: Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Deborah Crombie

8. What genre(s) would you prefer not to read?

9. Are you published? If yes, what, where, and when?
A: No

10. Do you have an agent? Care to share his/her name and company? (Not required, just curious).
A: No

11. Have you entered any contests and what were the results?
A: Yes. I entered my first four contests the summer of 2011. I did not final and have used the positive bits of advice as a learning experience.

12. Are you a member of RWA or any other writers’ groups?
A: Yes and Member or WisRWA

13. Are you a plotter or a pantser?
A: Pantser-- I like when my characters take me on a journey but I try to map it out in three acts first.

14. If you join this group, what will you have the members critique?
A: Something I’ve finished and would like to submit to agents or editor in 2012.

a)something you’ve already finished and are planning on submitting to agents soon?
b)something your agent wants you to edit before she can submit?
c)something you’re still working on, but you’ll send the earlier part for critique and work on the rest?
d)something you’ve just started. You plan to write and have that chapter critiqued soon after?

15. How often would you wish to exchange work to be critiqued and how many pages at a time?
A: Weekly and a chapter at a time(13 to14 pages)

16. What are your strong points and areas of improvement as a writer?
A: Description is a strong point and I’m working to improve structure and G/M/C.

17. Rate your strength/weakness in the areas below using the following scale:
1- Need a lot of help
2- Still working on this
3- I stumble sometimes
4- I rarely struggle with this
5- Very strong in this area

a) grammar—3
b) spelling—5
c) punctuation—3
d) description— 5
e) dialogue—2
f) narrative—4
g) POV—3
h) passive voice—3
i) action/tension—2
j) tight writing—2
k) show vs. tell—3
l) GMCs—3

18. Describe the GMCs (goals, motivations, conflicts) for one of your characters.
A: In a current romance novella I’m working on for NaNoWriMo my main character, Claire, is trying to retrieve a painting from a recently separated artist to get her job back at the museum where she’s organized her first fledgling Steam Punk exhibit. But the artist is using the piece of art to mollify his soon to be ex-wife in their divorce negotiations.

19. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being fluffy and 5 being very tough but not rude) what level of critique are you comfortable giving/receiving?
A: 4 Tough but not rude and open to edgy writing

20. How would you describe yourself as a critiquer (detailed, line edit type person, big picture/concept person, etc.)?
A: Detailed, big picture and cheerleadier/coach.

21. Do you have a website or blog? What’s the address? (Are you comfortable with this being posted on my blog? If not, please answer the question and let me know. I won’t post this but need to know more about you when matchmaking.)
A: Building my blog, Fiona’s Quest and working on a web address. I’m still deciding on a surname for my pen name.

Critique Group Specific:
22. Do you belong to or have you ever belonged to a critique group?
A: On-line

23. A critique group isn’t a place to promote personal agendas such as religion or politics. Will that be a problem for you?
A: No

24. In this group, you may find writing with swears, graphic violence, and explicit sex scenes. Will that bother you? Can you objectively critique this type of work?
A: Yes

25. Are you looking for a long term critique group or just someone to help you with this particular story?
A: Long term

Contact Information: (Please fill this out, but let me know if you don’t want this or part of this to be posted on my blog. For example, you may not want your email address posted but are okay with your name and website mentioned.)
Real name: Tricia Quinnies
Pseudonym: Fiona Richards
Website and/or blog: see above
Email address:

Come back tomorrow for a peek at Critique Partner #2.

Lynnette Labelle

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