Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Good Distraction?

The reading of synopsis pointers didn’t go as planned yesterday. Between chores, phone calls and the twins, I just didn’t have enough time on my hands. Oh, well. There’s always today. Although the kids aren’t in daycare, so it’ll be more challenging.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I send the twins to daycare for two hours twice a week. This is supposed to be my writing time and usually it works out that way. However, I’m playing catch up with things around the house after enjoying some wonderful family time over the holidays.

Anyway, I’ll get to the synopsis reading later. I have an additional distraction too—another book outline. It’s just the beginning of an idea, but one I don’t want to ignore. I’ve already recorded some character information into my digital voice recorder as I was riding a recumbent bike at the gym last night. It’s a start, but as most writers know, it never ends there. For the next little while, until I get some form of an outline drawn up, I’ll appear distant to everyone around me. In reality, my mind is constantly playing through different scenes until the outline is complete. It drives my husband nuts, but he understands it’s part of who I am.


  1. Yes, it's difficult to find time to write when your kids are small. I usually waited until after they were in bed and, being a morning person, I got up before they did so I could grab an hour or so. Of course, that didn't work out too well at first as my son insisted on getting up at 5:30 am until he was in grade 1!

  2. 5:30? AGH! I can't even imagine. Although, I faintly remember feeding the twins every two hours when they were babies and living in a bit of a haze.

  3. Oh, the dreaded synopsis!

    I'd squeaked out of it until last week, when I received a request for pages with synopsis. You could hear the breaks squeal in my brain. You're smart to think of it before you have to!

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  5. Lynnette, thanks for stopping by my blog. Twins, wow! I always wished for twins until I had one and thought, "Who in the hell can do this double?" You are a stronger woman than me.

    Synopsis are a bane on the writer's existence created by artistically frustrated agents and editors simply to confound and discourage those braver than they. Of course I'm kidding...mostly. I wish you well and hope you survive this special hell.

  6. I hate synopsis, much worse than queries even... I'm putting mine off in the hopes that it will get easier with procrastination... okay, because I hate them...

    My youngest is in Kindergarten, so it's about two and a half hours every day, five days a week... and since I've been doing this full time stay at home mom thing for ten years now, I thought that sounded like heaven on earth... Oh, lord, two whole hours to myself a day, woohoo! It doesn't actually work out that way, though, does it?

    My best writing time tends to be in the morning, so I try to get the kids off to school (my little guy's in afternoon classes) and set up the youngest with a project or, bad mommy, tv show... It's interrupted writing, but at least it's writing.

    Twins though, rough when they're little but the great part is they always have a playmate. I have friends with twins, so that's what they tell me.

    Best of luck with it, Lynnette, and great to meet you!

  7. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. As you can imagine, the synopsis writing is coming along, but slowly.

    It was really nice meeting everyone and reading your blogs as well. Do come again! :)

  8. It's reassuring to read that you too become distant. I sometimes feel like I'm off in my own little fantasy world while the rest just spins by.

    At least I haven't forgotten to pick up my kids from school. Yet.