Monday, November 26, 2007

The Beginning of Synopsis Writing

Despite the fact it’s a Monday morning, I’m ready to take on the wonderful world of writing. Last night, I discovered some really great articles by Alicia Rasley. I printed them off and will go through them this morning while the twins are at daycare.

What topics will I be looking at? Well, since I spent a good portion of Sunday reading up on synopsis writing, I thought I’d better brush up on certain things before I begin. I want to have the basic idea of what I’ll write in my synopsis before I put it on paper. So, I’m reading about internal and external conflicts, major turning points, and some more synopsis pointers. I’m sure my eyes will be buggy by the time I’m done, but there’s no way around it. In this business, either you take the time to do these things or you risk failure and rejection.

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