Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chewing the Fat

Whoever says a size 2 is fat ought to be force-fed 20 lbs. of junk food. If you're wondering where this is coming from, check out the recent news about Jennifer Love-Hewitt. She was on the beach celebrating her recent engagement, when some not so flattering pictures were take of her. Actually, seeing those pics made me feel better about my body because even someone as small as she is can have cellulite.

What's even more frustrating is how some teens may view this recent criticism of the actress. I can hear it now. "If she's fat, then I'd better go on a diet because I'm a size 4." Good grief! This is just one more example of how a healthy body image is no longer possible. I'm not suggesting we should all be 300 lbs. or anything, but what's wrong with a few curves? Back in the old days (sorry I don't know my eras), a curvy woman was thought to be a work of art. She was a baby-making machine. She was sexy and wanted by all men. Oh, how times have changed!


  1. This is a constant battle with my teenager. She is beautiful and perfectly curvy...not fat. Not at all. Just curvy like a woman should be.

    She's on the verge of being anorexic. She doesn't eat and when she does eat, it's a tiny little bite of this, a tiny little bite of tha, usually crap. Her best friend is skin and bones, SO skinny you can see every rib and vertebra and she has a little hollow space beneath her collar bones. My daughter believes that because you can see her best friend's bones, her best friend is "sexier" than she is with her wonderful curves.

    It's tough being "normal" today. It really is. Body images are so skewed. I think Jennifer Hewitt is beautiful and perfectly curvy!

  2. Actually, I hope this gets spotlighted even more than it already has because so many stars now are taking Jennifer Love Hewitt's side and proclaiming, "Of course she has cellulite, everyone does - the paparazzi didn't provide her with airbrushing or good lighting, it would have ruined their sale!"

    Maybe some of the younger girls, or to be honest women in general, will stop for a second and realize, hey, if this magazine beautiful actress has a few dimples at the beach, maybe I'm okay too...

    My daughter is only ten, so we haven't hit this yet, though I'm sure it's coming, I don't think you can escape it... hopefully the fact that she really likes her food - she's not heavy, she just has always had more adult tastebuds... she's the only kid I know that asks for chinese food, steak and fettuccini, or seafood instead of McDonald's - anyway, I'm hoping her love of all things culinary will keep her from getting too obsessed with dieting.

    Paparazzi are idiots and I have to say, so are all of the gossip bloggers who love to tear people down this way, and the commenters who gleefully help...