Friday, December 7, 2007

Cold Hearted?

I heard a very disturbing thing on the news last night. A man was charged with child neglect. I’m wondering if it shouldn’t be abuse. You be the judge. The neighbors saw his 2 year old and 3 year old children pounding on the door to get into the house. The father wasn’t anywhere in sight. Here’s the catch that made me sick. The toddler was only wearing a diaper (not sure what the other kid was wearing) in extremely cold weather. It’s been around 6 degrees plus a wind in that area lately. Heck! I wouldn’t even go out without a jacket, never mind no clothes.

The father claims he was sleeping, which implies the kids snuck out and couldn’t get back in. Seems a little strange. If they can get out, why can’t they get back in? I’m thinking there’s a better chance that this guy passed out or kicked the kids out of the house because he was mad. That’s just my gut feeling. In any case, he had no business sleeping while he’s supposed to be watching these little kids. Where was the mom? She was having some kind of surgery done. Imagine what must be going through her mind right now!

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