Thursday, January 10, 2008

Self-Driving Cars

After hearing about the 70 car pile-up in Florida, I wondered if the self-driving cars would've been able to do any better. There was fog and smoke everywhere, so humans couldn't see, but would these cars have been able to? I guess we'll see soon enough. They say the self-driving cars should be on the road within the next ten years. I can even begin to grasp what that's going to mean. Wow! It would be wonderful if they could prevent car accidents and horrible tragedies from occurring.


  1. I have a hard enough time sitting by and letting my husband drive...I don't think I could sit around and let the car drive! I'd been an ulcer-ridden, nervous, fingernail-chewing wreck.

  2. LOL, me too, Jenn...

    I don't know that I'd trust computers totally, either - what if there's a glitch? I mean, whenever a new product goes on the market you know there's always a time period where the first ones are terrible until they work the kinks out - look at every new computer program or cell phone.

    Once they do have the kinks worked out, I'd guess they'd be (overall) more reliable than humans... but what about when they do have a glitch, does the driver have any control? (Besides, I kind of enjoy driving most of the time)