Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gotta Have 'Em

Lately, I’ve been on a book buying spree where I’m purchasing more than I can read. The fact that I don’t have much free time because of the twins is a good reason, but still… I should really slow down. The thing is, when I find a good book, I have a hard time not bringing that treasure home with me. Many paperbacks don’t stay on the shelves longer than three months before they’re sent back to the publisher. What if the book I just discovered suffers that fate before I return with a plump wallet? No. I don’t like to take such chances. If the back of the book interests me, I read the first few pages. If I’m still hooked, off to the cash register I go.

What about you? Is there any particular author’s book you have to have? Or do you follow a certain genre instead? Are you an impulsive book buyer or do you research your next purchase?


  1. *looks sheepishly at the nightstand*

    I just got back from the library. With five more books. After having bought 2. After having gone to the library before and getting 2 more. After having 6 books unread on the nightstand already.

    I need a bigger nightstand.

  2. i enjoy Nicholas Sparks and all of Luann Rice books. just stopped by quick and took a look at your blog, am working but will stop by again.

  3. I am trying to think twice before buying a book (I hope to find some good ones second hand..since the library is not that convenient)I have found almost new books from Costco at local garage sales!

    I need something to be reading..I just read Pillars of the Earth, almost 1000 pages, I had to finish the book,that one was a long read!

    It bothers me not to finish a book!!

    Jan :)

  4. I research and also make impulse purchases. I'm all about the women's fiction. Happy reading!

  5. I love Jodu Peccoult and have to read every one of her books that come out! Thankfully our library stocks her. I also read Sparks and always open to new authors.

  6. I follow genre mainly. I'm strictly suspense with several favorites I have to get, and on occasion fantasy. But I'll check out anyone's book if the first few pages catch my interest. I'm an impulse buyer. Very rarely do I research.

  7. I love history and humor and that combination's perfectly distilled into everything written by Tony Horwitz (Confederates in the Attic, Blue Horizons, A Voyage Long and Strange). So I buy anything he does.

    For years, I'd buy every book to support the author. I'd end up with more than a few I didn't want to keep. So now I'm an avid library reader, but I always go buy if it's something that strikes a chord.

    Thanks for your kind comments about my guest post at Kimmi's!


    Chris R.

  8. I'm a totally impulsive book buyer. I read the first few pages and if I'm hooked, I buy it.

    But lately I've banned myself from bookstores. They're off limits right now due to a skinny wallet. ; )

  9. I follow genre and authors. I have my autobuys but I'm trying to branch out. I pretty much stick in the fantasy section and yesterday I picked out a book I knew nothing about just on an impulse.

    I like to buy books and I cave into impulse all the time. And now with the economy the way it is, books are a better buy than going to the movies.

  10. I LOVE books. Always have too many. I do try to curb my spending though and only buy books from actual stores once in awhile.
    Enjoy your stacks!

  11. Good topic.

    I LOVE books. Recently I was perusing the books in an out of town bookstore and like you, I read the jackets to find out what's inside. I was interested in a few books but didn't really have the money to buy.

    But I do have at least three books here in my house I haven't read yet. More books than time.

  12. Just bought a new book today! Don't know when I'll actually read it, but I just love having my stack that I plan to read!

  13. I am book buyer. Must own the good ones. I read allkinds of stuff, butlately am fascinated with Novels of Iranian women, an the Iranian Revolution.

  14. Well, I did it again. I was at Barnes and Noble this weekend and bought another book. I couldn't resist. We don't have a major bookstore in our town, so when I see one, I MUST GO INSIDE. LOL

    At the moment, I'm reading "Killer Charms" by Marianne Stillings (a new author to me). I purchased "Tall, Dark, and Deadly" by Lorie O'Clare (also a new author to me). I'm trying to stay within my genre (romantic suspense), but branch out to new authors.

    If you saw my at-home-library, you'd fall over. I must have over 100 books that I still haven’t read and I keep buying more. Yeah, I think I have a problem. Can you be addicted to books?

    Lynnette Labelle

  15. Good question, Lynette! I was an impulsive buyer too but nowadays, I stifle that urge and just reserve it thru the local library. Has to wait for a bit, but saves more than a dime:)

    Thanks for stopping by:)