Monday, August 17, 2009

The Submission Process???

I’m interested in a course offered at Lowcountry Romance Writers called: “The Submission Process—It’s Not Just About the Query Letter.” It’s taught by Lois Winston. Have any of you taken this course? I’d like to know more about it because Lowcountry doesn’t have much of a description. What does she teach in this course?

Also, just a reminder about the critique group contest going on right now. You have until Wednesday midnight, so get your entry in!!!


  1. If you take the course or discover more about it, please share I'm interested to know. Thanks!

  2. Lois Winston...I know that name from somewhere. I've found every time I've attended a workshop hosted by an RWA chapter, I came away glad I took it.

  3. I have taken a couple of classes from Lois this year, and she is great. She gets back to people with questions and posts, and doesn't play favorites.

    But the, for the price, I haven't found any of the online classes useless. I have taken about 14 of them so far this year to get my writing up to speed. Last one from her was Contest Diva, and the information was helpful and when I got the comments, I was able to put them in better perspective.