Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday Me: Janna's Question Part 2

I’ve taught everything from kindergarten to grade 8, but I must admit, I preferred teaching the older kids. I connect better with them and there’s a lot less crying. I really don’t have much patience for crying, which is funny considering I have twins who do a heck of a lot of crying and fighting. Guess I forgot to mention no crying when I put my order in. They got the long eye lashes I requested, so I know the memo went through. Oh, well.

The other thing I liked about teaching grades 7 and 8 is that I was able to specialize by choosing which subjects I wanted to teach. I’ve never been a math and science gal, so I always avoided teaching those subjects whenever possible. Instead, I focused on French, English, Social Studies, and Drama.

What would it take to get me back into the classroom? A heck of a lot. Now that I live in the US, I’d have to go back to school so my credentials would fit what’s expected of American teachers. But what would I teach? French isn’t exactly an option here because the level is so elementary and, from what I’ve heard, most kids don’t want to be there. It’s very frustrating for a teacher to have unwilling participants. As for Math, I’d have to learn the imperial system. We learned metric in Canada. I’d have to become more familiar with American history and geography if I wanted to teach those courses. Not to mention, there aren’t exactly openings in our little town, so I could go through all that schooling only to end up unemployed.

If I were to teach again, it would be writing. Years ago, I ran a writing club with pre-teens and loved that. Teaching online courses or workshops about writing would be a good fit for me. I’m seriously contemplating those sorts of things for 2010. We’ll see what life brings.

As for picking between writing and teaching? That’s easy. Writing wins by a mile.  Although, teaching writing is the next best thing.

Thank, Janna for the great questions. If you’d like to know more about me, just ask.

Any other teachers out there?


  1. That's where I would have put you: teaching writing.

    Thanks for answering (twice!). I really enjoyed this!

  2. *dabs hand in the air*

    I teach...

    ...the ebil PHYSICS!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

    Although to be fair, I think I'd enjoy teaching art or writing just as much.

  3. "i connect better with them and there's a lot less crying"

    that cracked me up, and for some reason i thought i'd point it out : ) you should teach an online writing class.

  4. I agree about preferring older kids. I feel the same way. I worked with 7-9th graders as a social worker.

    Do you know for sure you'd have to go back to school? I got my teaching certification through an alternative program. All you need is a four year degree, then you go through a program (mine was like 6 weeks of going to one night class and one weekend class a week). After that (and passing the content test) you get a probationary certificate to teach.

  5. What a great idea to teach writing! Sign me up Lynnette.

  6. Writing wins, hands-down, even if you're not a teacher - but if I had to be a teacher, I'd pick teaching writing, too (even though my career path led me to land use planning - go figure?!).

  7. I've found that God gave me way more patience for my own kids than for other people's. I'm excited to see what 2010 brings for you, especially with the possibility of teaching writing online. Good luck.

  8. One time my sister in law said to me, "You would be such a great elementary school teacher"

    I looked at her like she had been smoking something.

    I give props to all the teachers out there -- the patience, love, longsuffering ... all very much appreciated by us parents but not my best qualities.

    just walking down memory lane here...

  9. I have something for you on my blog : )

  10. I don't teach children, but I teach dance classes and I love it. In fact, I love teaching just about anything -- I used to teach jr.highs in the youth program at church, and that was great.

    It's funny, but almost my entire extended family is made up of teachers... on both sides! I guess it's in our genes :)

  11. Lynette, I'm interesting in this Writers on Writing group!

    my email is wannabewriter2009@gmail.com