Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Friday: Sleep Talking Man

Since my normal puzzle site isn't loading properly this morning, I thought I'd share something else with you.  For those who haven't already seen the Sleep Talking Man on The Today Show, you've got to check out his blog.  The things this guys says in his sleep are too funny to pass up.

Here are a couple of quotes that appeared on The Today Show:

"Vampire penguins? Zombie guinea pigs? We're done for.... done for."

"Potato bags. I can't find my potato bags. I need them! [desperately] Who's got my potato bags?"

For more of Adam's nightly conversations, check out his blog here.

I sometimes talk in my sleep, when I'm really stressed.  A few times, I've acted things out like wrapping presents, using a cash register, or picking up imaginary clothes off the floor.  I've even slept walked, but have never gotten out of my room.  Thank goodness I keep the door closed. 

However, when my hubby talks in his sleep, he mumbles.  How frustrating is that?  If he's going to wake me up, he should have the decency of enunciating, right?

Do you talk in your sleep?  Does your spouse wake you with his nighttime chatter?


  1. "I hear the secrets that you keep,
    When you're talking in your sleep"

    You know this song by the Romantics? I just love this song.

    I have woke myself up before talking, but I believe it's rare.

    My boyfriend will blurt out stuff in the middle of the night and wake me occasionaly. LOL, he is usually battling a mage or warlock. He's a big World of Warcraft player.

  2. I don't think I talk in my sleep. The hubby has never said anything. He mumbles upon ocasion, but not often or coherent enough to be interesting.

  3. LOL! My husband used to talk in his sleep, and I usually couldn't understand him. Sometimes he'd get up, too. Never wrapped presents though... maybe I should leave the Christmas gifts in the bedroom next year.

  4. My hubby talks in his sleep. It's always so funny, but I can never remember what he has said in the morning. LOL!

  5. I always talk in my sleep. I have since I was a little girl. Apparently I can answer questions or hold short conversations. :-)

  6. I've never been told I talk in my sleep. I certainly hope I don't. I'd hate to think what would come out of my mouth otherwise!

    Fun post :)

  7. Lol! My husband talks in his sleep too. The other night he scared me to death. He sat straight up and talked like he was answering his phone at work.

  8. I need to see that. I don't think I talk in my sleep and my husband doesn't. I feel like I'm missing out on a life I need!

  9. I talk in my sleep as well, the more I am stressed the louder I talk. I have also laughed so hard during my sleep that I have woken myself up still with the laughter. My husband shares some of the things he can remember and a lot of it is currently in the book I'm writing...

    I suppose those creative juices are always flowing and thanks to my hubby for helping me capture some awesome ideas I've had!

    I'm with you though, if he is going to wake you up, it should make sense! Thankfully my husband is very quiet while he sleeps, lol.

    Great blog!

  10. Don't talk in my sleep... rarely anyway:-) My husband has before...

    The FUNNIEST is when my kids talk in their sleep. It's hilarious!

  11. Lol! My husband is the sleep-talker...
    He often:
    Fights off attackers,cussing at them and telling them they'll be sorry the messed with him.
    Pulls all the covers off the bed looking for the rat/spider that he swears (eyes open but still asleep) that he saw go under there. (that always worries me a little-- what if he really did see one?)
    He also gags and chokes, and after he wakes up he tells me that it is because he's been dreaming that he accidentally swallowed broken glass or rusty nails (!)
    He almost threw me out of bed once because he had a hold of my hand and dreamed he was holding my severed hand, and threw the severed hand as far as he could.
    And my all-time favorite, when he sat bolt upright in bed, eyes open, pointed to the dark corner of the room, said "there's someone in here with us." and then laid right back down to go to sleep. Yikes.

    I have the opposite sleep disorder. I get the dreaded sleep paralysis, where you can't move, but you're awake, and you're sure that something is coming for you... but you've gotta move to keep it from getting you.

    We're quite a pair ;-P

  12. Yeah, I had a roommate in college who made a website for the same thing:

    His stuff is super clear as well. I'm a firsthand witness that this stuff is legit.

  13. PS. I've left a little something for you on my blog :)

  14. Thanks so much for the link. That site is awesome, and another source of a tee shirt I must buy.

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  16. My husband talks in his sleep sometimes. Once he started demanding that I give him a ladder. (He works in construction.) He woke me up, and I said grumpily, "What ladder?"

    "The one right there stupid! Hurry up!"

    Fearing he would dream of falling, I said, "Okay, here it is."

    He said, "Thanks," rolled over, and went back to sleep.