Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Contest update:  I've started to send out notifications as to whether or not contestants have moved forward.  I'm not finished.  This takes quite a while since I do every one of them individually.  If you haven't received anything from me yet, don't panic.  Keep watching your inbox and spam folder.

Today, I was supposed to post a critique.  The problem is that I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word when I crit and I can't seem to find a system that will allow me to keep the "bubbles".  I know some people save the document as a PDF.  I tried that, but it doesn't work because my comments are so long that the "bubbles" opened up another window type thing.  Yeah, I'm real techie.  Can you tell?  Anyway, the extra comments don't show up in the PDF because the window's normally hidden (at least, that's my guess).  Any ideas?  Hopefully, I'll figure this out today or tomorrow at the latest.  Keep checking back because I have a lot to share.

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